Our Story


We met on a beautiful evening in downtown Burlington, Vermont, after Meredith’s good friend and Kathy’s daughter said, “you have to meet one another!”
We realized almost immediately we had something in common; we were both born with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, a complete and utter joy for life, and a keen sense for trend setting. we knew we were a match made in heaven, and nine months later KnockKnock Social was born.
We hit the ground running and we haven’t been able to stop since, and we are loving every minute of it.
In our spare time, which is rare, Kathy is writing mindful children’s books and a parenting guide, is a Huffington post author, and received her master’s from St. John’s College in great books. Kathy has always been ahead of the curve. She was the hottest buyer for all the b stores in New York – Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s and Bendel’s…until she switched to the a’s and went to ABC Carpet and Home.
Meredith was born and raised in the tech world, and is not afraid to learn the latest and greatest technology. She has a natural instinct for marketing, and has been cultivating her skills and love of design since her days at St. Michael’s College. Meredith’s keen eye and love for the arts has proved a successful combination. She is a visionary, who thoroughly enjoys writing and graphic design.
We’ve always been better together. We have magnetic personalities, with boundless positive energy, which have enabled us to realize many accomplishments for our clients.
We offer companies marketing and branding strategies that include ways of improving brand awareness, driving traffic to websites and engaging their target market. Our desire to offer business owners the opportunity to share their story in a way that is effective, yet stylish, fun and lively, is our passion.


Meredith Lee



Kathy Walsh