A Full Service Marketing Team for the
Health and Wellness Industries with a Holistic Approach

KnockKnock Social (Kathy Walsh, left and Meredith Astles, center) and Firefly Strategies (Rubina Cohen, right) have launched Soaring Strategies – a full service marketing team with a holistic approach.  


Our Holistic Approach

Our joint capabilities can ignite your growth, whether you’re an osteopath or dentist, chiropractor or reiki master, physical therapist or fitness studio – even a vegan restaurant. Soaring Strategies will become essential to your business health and wellness!

It’s our personal passion is to support businesses of all shapes and sizes that are committed to nourishing the minds and bodies of their clients. Our expert growth marketing strategies begin with in-depth planning, then exceptional execution, and continued follow through via daily implementation. 

Menu of Services - We do the work for you
Our Clients Start Here

Marketing Strategy + Implementation Calendar

It all really should start here. Firefly Strategies is a strong proponent of planning. Great communication starts with a plan. Marketing without planning is like speaking without thinking. You could turn a lot of people off, confuse them, and worst you can end up hurting them and yourself. Planning and then creating a detailed action calendar is the key to successful and pain-free communications and marketing. Plus, marketing is measureable ONLY when you start from a plan. We will create a thorough marketing plan that removes chaotic, complicated and confusing tactics and help you replace them with simple, easy and measureable ones. You'll know exactly when, where, how to do your marketing. 

Marketing Momentum - 3 Month Action Plan

Sometimes you just aren't ready for a long-term plan and you need to do something right away to create momentum in your business again. That's why we created this smaller version of a marketing and implementation plan. We review all of your current marketing, communications, collateral and online presence. Then, we provide a written document outlining our recommendations for marketing priorities and a detailed implementation calendar. 

Once we've gotten started, we can offer our clients any number of the following services. Click on each to learn more.

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1. a person who is able to convey or exchange information, news, or
ideas, especially one who is eloquent or skilled.  
"a gifted communicator"