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Social Media Management, our original offering when we opened KnockKnock Social over a decade ago and we couldn't be more proud to say many of our very first clients are still with us!


We've come a long way over the last ten years tweaking, perfecting and growing our social media offerings.  Whether you are ready to hand off your social media into our expert hands with a full-service package or are more of a DIYer who just needs a little support with the "essentials" when it comes to design and first steps, we've got you covered!

Already know what you want? Perfect, go ahead and skip to what speaks to you,

otherwise, keep scrolling and we'll help you figure it out!


We have never been so aware that we

could not handle social media without you.

Amy Dodson

We know, it can feel overwhelming on top of all the hard work and long hours you are putting in but trust us, it's just as important! Think about this...

  • There are 4.48 billion people actively using social media.

  • Social Media allows you to reach a WIDE audience who otherwise wouldn't know about your company.

  • Generally, social networking sites are the most cost-effective tool in your marketing strategy belt.

  • Your social media profiles provide a tool to increase traffic to your company's website.

  • Social media gives you the ability to connect more personally with your customers.

  • Social media is part of your companies branding. The messages, photos and videos build an image of your company.

With 4.48 BILLION  active users out there we know you can't afford not to be showing up as the best version of you on social media. 


If you are looking for curated, authentic,on-trend and done for you social media marketing, we offer our full-service Social Media Management packages to a select number of clients and we DO IT ALL. From trending TikToks, popular pins and viral reels to analytics, hashtags, and ads our full-service social media packages deliver it all.


This is the perfect package for you if you are ready to take your social media to the next level, see results and take one overwhelming project off your already full plate.


We create these packages based on our years of experience and expertise coupled with our understanding that everyone has unique needs, desired outcomes, and varying ability to fully commit to the investment. Because of this, pricing is available once we've connected and can give you a genuine and realistic budget for a package that will offer you the social solution you've been craving!


My schedule is completely full and I have a waitlist. The social media marketing has definitely been paying off!

Chris, Summit Health & Fitness

This package is just right for the go-getter just getting going, passion project junkie, or side hustler who loves to get sh** done on their own! Let us take another project off your jam-packed to-do list by with our "essentials" package and design a creative and insightful template with authenticity and stunning graphics that complement your brand and free up your time!


What We Will Do:

Together, we will dive deep into your business, look at who you are, who you want to serve, and  what message you want your branding to convey. From this, we create beautiful templates that you will be proud to use on your feeds.


This is NOT a “discount package.” This package is priced modestly because by choosing from one of our beautiful pre-designed IG templates for us to customize with your assets it allows us to cut down on the design and development time while still producing the same quality work and design experience: innovative, authentic and creative designs made just for you.


This package pairs perfectly with our Brand Essentials package at  a discounted rate! We only take a limited number of Social Essentials per quarter so be sure to book now!


How it will work:


You will have a  discovery call with our design team after which we will have you pick a KKS template for us to customize. Then we will ask you to send us all your assets. Once assets and payment are in place the 2-week timeline will begin!


Within one week, you receive a preview of your template. We ask for all revisions to be to us within 48 hours.


We will make all necessary revisions and have your final assets to you by the end of the 2nd week.


What You Will Get:

30 Customized IG Templates

30 Customized Story Templates

30 Customized Reel Templates

10 Highlight Buttons

1 Round of Revisions

2 Week Time Table


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